Behind the scenes ‘Skyfall’ footage


One of the most anticipated films of 2012 will be the return of James Bond in ‘Skyfall’.  The anticipation is so high that the producers are literally counting the seconds until its release at

The website has had a makeover and is geared towards promoting the crap out of ‘Skyfall’. 

By the looks of the site, the marketing gurus are going to use the full power of social networking to sell the film with a heavy emphasis on Twitter and Facebook.  The first behind the scenes photos from ‘Skyfall’ already debuted via Twitter a few months back and now we have a tiny glimpse of behind the scenes footage.

Producer Michael G. Wilson appears in a clip posted on YouTube that introduces the new as well as a few shots of a mysterious figure holding a massive gun.

It’s nothing but a big tease but enough to get you excited for ‘Skyfall’, which hopefully will put the series back on the right track after the woeful ‘Quantum of who gives a stuff’.

‘Skyfall’ will be released in Australia on 22 November 2012 by Sony Pictures.