The Goslings!

Best actress

And the nominees are…

Meryl Streep – Iron Lady

Jessica Chastain – Tree of Life

Tilda Swinton – We Need to Talk About Kevin

Kristen Wigg – Bridesmaids

Ellen Fanning – Super 8

And The Gosling goes to…











Winner: Tilda Swinton

The toughest race this year was for the Best Actress Gosling because the ladies really dominated on screen in 2011. Each nominee did something special but Tilda Swinton went above and beyond in ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’. Rather than slipping into neutral after winning an Oscar like so many actors, Swinton has chosen interesting projects that play to her strengths. ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ has difficult subject matter and Swinton is perfectly cast as a mother reflecting on her life and trying to put it back together after her son goes on a killing spree at his school. Swinton’s performance is full of pain and paranoia as her character travels down the path of self-redemption and questions whether she can forgive her son. The interesting thing about the film is that Swinton’s character treads the fine line between being a victim and an enabler of her son’s actions, and you begin the question who is at fault and where does the blame lie. We applaud Swinton for her bold work and hope this trend continues.