The Goslings

Welcome back to the first ever Popcorn Junkie Film Awards which we’ve named The Goslings.

Yesterday we announced the winners of best supporting actor and actress and today it’s all about the leads.

Best actor

And the nominess are…

Ryan Gosling – Drive

Craig Roberts – Submarine

Peter Mullan – Tyrannosaur

Brad Pitt – Tree of Life

Michael Parks – Red State

Joseph Gordon Levitt – 50/50

And The Gosling goes to…











Winner: Brad Pitt – Tree of Life
Actions speak louder than words and Brad Pitt managed to deliver the best performance of 2011 by taking acting back to its roots and proving he’s much more than just a face in the process. Pitt has always been a fantastic actor but his looks have always taken a priority and awards have evaded him. We have no doubt he’ll get loads of nominations for ‘Moneyball’ when awards season rolls around but that’s not the film he should win for. In ‘Tree of Life’ Pitt manages to deliver a powerful performance with very little dialogue. With the spectacle that film offers, filmmakers and actors forget that film is a visual medium. Often characters emotions and motivations are delivered via bland dialogue or expressed in pointless action sequences. There is a scene where Pitt’s character receives a phone call on a runway while the engine of a plane is blaring in the background. The news isn’t good and all the pain of losing a loved one is on display in Pitt’s performance with very little dialogue. This is one of many powerful scenes in the film and one of the reasons why Pitt is due for awards love.