The Goslings!

Best supporting actor

And the nominees are…

Ezra Miller – We Need to Talk About Kevin

George Clooney – Ides of March

Christoph Waltz – Water for Elephants

Kyle Chandler – Super 8

Albert Brooks – Drive

Eddie Marsan – Tyrannosaur

And The Gosling goes to…












Winner: Albert Brooks – Drive

If you’re going to write bad guys into your film you have to make them great. You can’t just make them Russian and give them nuclear bombs and expect audiences to be afraid of them. Sometimes villains are misconstrued as being physically imposing, but there is no mental challenge and vice versa. Albert Brooks created the perfect villain when he filled the shoes of Bernie Rose in ‘Drive’. A crime figure that didn’t conform to traditional gangster stereotypes and the performance is a slow burn. The character seems like a nice guy, but you have to keep an eye on the quiet ones, and Brooks slowly morphs the character into a complete monster. Like Ryan Gosling’s character he kills without remorse but is driven by greed and power. It’s always interesting when actors with a background in comedy take on roles as bad guys, but Brooks has made the jump successfully. Brooks is probably getting offered every bad guy role in Hollywood right now but hopefully this clever performer can be proud of his new found bad guy status and continue to evolve as an actor.