The Goslings 2011

Time to hand out the first shiny Gosling and we’re going to kick things off with all the fancy writing stuff.

Best original screenplay

And the nominees are…

Kristen Wigg & Annie Mumolo – Bridesmaids

Thomas McArthy – Win Win

Will Reiser – 50/50

JJ Abrams – Super 8

Joe Cornish – Attack the Block

Gavin O’Conner & Anthony & Cliff Dorfmann – Warrior

And The Gosling goes to…












Winner: Will Reiser – 50/50

‘50/50’ is one of the best films of 2011 and it’s a shame that in Australia it has been delayed until 2012 with the chance of going straight to DVD.  The screenplay is loosely based on the life of writer Will Reiser who was diagnosed with cancer when he was 25.  The drama and comedy blends together incredibly well and it’s a credit to Reiser who manages to dodge all the clichés and pitfalls that come with a character dealing with cancer.  I laughed tears of joy and cried like a little girl several times.  It’s such a tender balance handled incredibly well by a talented scriptwriter.