Popcorn Junkie Film Awards 2011

For ages we’ve been trying to think of a name for our first ever Popcorn Junkie film awards. The obvious choice would have been ‘The Junkies’ but it doesn’t exactly have a positive ring to it.

After several hours of racking our brains and questioning our existence we came to the conclusion that the awards should be represented by someone who has totally dominated 2011.

Without further ado we’d like to announce the Popcorn Junkie Film Awards for 2011 will be known as …


You couldn’t swing a cat in a cinema this year and not hit Ryan Gosling. ‘Drive’, ‘Ides of March’ and ‘Crazy Stupid Love’. Each film is very different and with varying degrees of success but Gosling was very good. Those feelings towards him might increase if you own a set of ovaries or the complete back catalogue of George Michael.

An honorable mention must go to Jessica Chastain who was our runner up and if she continues her recent run we could be having The Chastains in 2012.

Each day this week we’ll announce the nominees and award Goslings as seen below.













NOTE: Actual Gosling award may not be to scale.

Keep an eye on The Popcorn Junkie each day to see who will take home a Gosling.

Please note, nominees are based on films seen by Cameron Williams in 2011 and are not bound by release dates.