The Worst Films of 2011

We’ve already featured the most disappointing films of 2011 and before we get to the best, we have to troll through the worst.

It was painful to endure these films so we’re not going to waste any of your time blabbing on about how bad they are. Instead, we’ve put together a list of the worst and a short review.

Commit these films to memory and promptly abandon the company of anyone who suggests watching any of these clunkers. If you’re married you might want to even consider divorce.

Welcome to cinematic hell (maniacal laugh).

1. Conan the Barbarian 3D

More like Conan the terrible









2. Priest 3D

Say three Hail Mary’s for your sins









3. The Change Up

Change you mind and don’t see this film









4. A Heartbeat Away

More like a heart attack!








5. The Beaver

Major downer









6. Bad Teacher

Just plain bad









7. The Dilemma

Epic Ron Howard fail








8. The Guard

What was all the fuss about?  Hated it









9. The Thing

A slap in the face of the Carpenter film, a pre-make mess









10. Fast Five

How did they make it to a fifth film?









11. Green Lantern

A computer at ILM vomited up a bad CGI heavy film








12. Hall Pass









13. Just Go With It










14. Transformers Dark of the Moon

Michael Bay’s biggest crime against humanity