New Dark Knight Rises teaser poster

Movie posters now are often a photo-shopped abomination. It’s very rare nowadays for a movie poster come out that actually gets you excited about a film.

Luckily, director Christopher Nolan and the marketing team at Warner Brothers are trying their hardest to make awesome posters for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

On the weekend a new teaser poster for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was released and it does everything a good movie poster should do. It makes you wish you could sleep through the next seven months and wake up on July 19.


Featuring the new bad guy on the block Bane walking away from a shattered Batman mask in the rain lets us all know that playtime is over. The tagline ‘the legend ends’ implies a lot of things with Nolan vowing this will be his last Batman film and a lot of fanboys speculating that Bane will ‘break the bat’ as he famously did in the comic book series ‘Batman: Knightfall’, turning Bruce Wayne’s spine into a jigsaw puzzle of bone.

The best part about the Nolan Bat-verse is that each villain has managed to challenge Batman and push the story forward as the character evolves. Ra’s al Ghul tested Batman’s morals, the Joker was a mental challenge and Bane comes across as being a real physical challenge.

Let the speculation begin, I personally believe that Batman might be put into an early retirement by Bane which results in Gotham City going down the drain and the League of Shadows making their return to burn the city to the ground.

The big question is what role will Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman play in the storyline? The Gotham City Police Department also plays a major role in the plot with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Mathew Modine in significant roles. Also adding fuel to the return of the league of shadows is the presence of Marion Cotillard who might possibly be playing Talia al Ghul.

Nolan is clever in casting big actors in small roles and to be honest, if you were an actor and he offered you a 2 minute bit you’d be on that set quicker than a set of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ spoilers popping up on a major fan-boy movie blog.

Nolan is spinning a lot of plates as his brings the trilogy to a close. Will Batman rise above his outlaw status and become the champion of Gotham? Or does the title suggest the Dark Knight might be Bane?

It’s this kind of speculation that means the marketing campaign for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is working and I personally cannot wait.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is released on 19 July 2012 in Australia.