Dark Knight Rises viral goodies

Viral marketing is an underutilised tool by movie studio marketing departments.  Putting a clip on ‘Funny or Die’ may be the viral weapon of choice but the team over at Warner Brothers are setting the bar ridiculously high with their work on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Earlier this year they used a website and a piece of audio that when recorded and run through a media player, a clue was revealed that led fans to a Twitter account called @thefirerises as well as a hash-tag of the same name.  Once you used the hash-tag or wrote to the Twitter account you were sent a link to the first picture of Bane from ‘The Dark Knight Rises.  The whole viral marketing event also coincided with the date many religious nutters believed the rapture would occur.  Well played Warner Brothers, well played.

Phase two of their viral marketing campaign has begun with Empire Magazine and Wired receiving mysterious CIA documents and a transcript in regards to a ‘Dr. Leonid Pavel’.  If you look up the cast list of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, actor Alon Abutbul is playing the doctor who seems to have landed himself in some hot water.

The team over at The Reel Bits brought this story to our attention and have started the speculation that ‘Dr Pavel’ might have something to do with Bane and the fact that he is going to need some serious medical treatment during the film.

These documents are the beginning of a huge viral campaign that may possibly lead to the first full length story trailer for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ with the teaser trailer already blowing people’s minds in cinemas around the globe.




The Dark Knight Rises is released on 19 July 2012 in Australia.