The Spielberg Curriculum Project

A while ago, a website featured a document and the claim that in order to work with director Steven Spielberg you had to see a list of films picked by the legend. Each aspiring collaborator was required to sit through over 200 films in order to understand Spielberg’s vision and how his favourite films have inspired him.

The list was an eclectic mix of films and an outstanding guide to some of the best films ever made. Was it real? Unfortunately, no, director Edgar Wright worked with Spielberg on the script for the upcoming ‘Tin Tin’ films, and stated that not once did he have to sit through a single film in order to understand the man they call Spielberg.

Being a huge fan of Spielberg, I downloaded the list to check how many of the films I had seen – giddy to find out if I was on the same wavelength as one of my heroes. Despite the fact that the list is fake, I found myself disappointed that I had only seen 20 films on the list. From that moment I vowed to try and see every film on the list to broaden my film nerd brain. Since then, my eyes have marveled at amazing films that have just slipped through the cracks over the years or remained hidden due to their age.

The experience has been fun and I began to think about the hidden gems I had discovered and how many more lay waiting for me. Inspired by my experience I am proud to announce ‘The Spielberg Curriculum Project’!

This is your chance to share your very own film curriculum. It’s a list comprised of the films that have shaped you as a person and a lover of film. It’s not a list of the best films, sure, you can throw a few Academy Award winners in there, they can sit right next to ‘The Adventures of Pluto Nash’ if you’d like.

The aim of ‘The Spielberg Curriculum Project’ (SCP) is to share your life in film, which might expose someone else to great movies as they use your list as a guide. Over the next couple I’ve months I’m going to showcase a curriculum from a fellow film fans.

If you want to get involved, contact with The Popcorn Junkie via Twitter @popcornjunkies and use the hash-tag #SCPfilm if you want to comment on your Twitter feed.

To get the party started we’re proud the share ‘The Cameron Williams Curriculum’! Cameron is the editor of The Popcorn Junkie, his list needs no explanation, it’s an insight into the films that have made him a slightly overweight balding twenty-something.

Download the file and start ticking off how many you’ve seen.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD —> camwilliamscurriculum