Review – The Change Up

I’m not going to beat around the bush, ‘The Change Up’ is bad, as in “we need to talk about a growth on your lung” bad. I officially became dumber from watching this horrible excuse for a comedy.

Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) is a struggling actor, who spends his days getting high and sleeping around. Dave (Jason Bateman) is a successful lawyer, who juggles his career with being a family man. The two best friends swap bodies and are forced to spend time in each other’s shoes.

‘The Change Up’ is reliant on gross out humour, shock tactics and nudity in an attempt to wring laughs from the tired body swap formula. None of it works. I wish I could take legal action against the filmmakers, and make it illegal to mention the word ‘comedy’ and ‘The Change Up’ in the same sentence.

Every actor involved should be embarrassed, particularly Reynolds, who continues to sink his career further into the domain of Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy. Female members of the cast are paraded around like pieces of meat and most of their scenes will fill a teenager’s spank-bank for a full week.

Don’t get sucked into ‘The Change Up’ by the studio pitch of being written by the same guys that did ‘The Hangover’. The only reason I’m giving ‘The Change Up’ a score at all is because everyone in the film looked well fed, and the craft service people deserve some credit.


Universal Pictures

‘The Change Up’ is now showing in cinemas everywhere.

The Popcorn Junkie