Review – Just Go With It

Jennifer Aniston specialises in making mediocre romantic comedies while Adam Sandler is the go to guy for pedestrian goofball humour. Essentially they are two negative forces so teaming them up should create a positive right? Wrong! Two wrongs don’t make a right in the case of ‘Just Go With It’ that tells the story of plastic surgon Danny (Adam Sandler) who pretends to be married to pick up women. When the girl of his dreams Palmer (Brookyln Decker) wants to meet his ‘fake wife’, Danny enlists the help of his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) and her children to trick Palmer. ‘Just Go With It’ is a romantic comedy mess with the stock standard humour from every Adam Sandler film of the last 5 years, I counted 3 people getting hit in the nuts and one person getting pooped on…not much has changed.

I have to admit I was once a big fan of Adam Sandler especially his stand up and early work on Saturday Night Live. As a teenager I had Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison on repeat and till this day I still love those movies and I understand the stupidity of his humour. Everything went pear shaped after he hit big time fame and he has consistently churned out the same crap year after year which is when I cashed in my stocks in Adam Sandler. A lot people will watch this movie and say, ‘yeah, but what did you expect? It’s an Adam Sandler movie,’ but I guess they’re the same people who go to a dodgy kebab joint because they love the explosive gastro that follows the day after.

I’m not going to waste time talking about this movie because it’s the worst of both the Sandler and Aniston worlds. A big dumb romantic comedy that’s light on laughs.


The Popcorn Junkie