Review – Limitless

One of the first lessons we learn as kids is to not take candy from strangers which not only saves us from getting kidnapped but also prepares us for the dangers of drugs when we get older. While most drugs turn people into complete douche bags according to ‘Limitless’ there is a drug that turns you into a smartarse yuppie. In ‘Limitless’ Eddie (Bradley Cooper) is a struggling writer who can’t get his life together but things start to change when he takes a top-secret drug which helps him unlock the full potential of his brain turning him into a genius. ‘Limitless’ is a good thriller with an interesting concept held together by the charm of Bradley Cooper but the film doesn’t play to its strengths and forfeits some good plot points in favour of the easy way out.

The plot of ‘Limitless’ is a good one with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing all the way to the end which is rare in the modern thriller. Director Neil Burger gets the pacing right and lets the mystery unfold at a steady pace. The film hits a nice stride when the plot starts to explore the mind bending effects of the drug and its side effects, but when things start to get good the plot quickly ditches its most interesting parts.

Bradley Cooper pushes ‘Limitless’ forward with a lot of charm and proves he has got what it takes to be a leading man, I just hope he continues to take on roles like this and stays away from the black hole that is the romantic comedy (‘Valentine’s Day was enough!). The supports are all pretty standard with Abbie Cornish playing the love interest and Robert De Niro showing up as a hardened businessman but there’s not much for them to really do, it’s pretty much the Bradley Cooper show.

‘Limitless’ doesn’t realise its full potential but it’s a decent mind bending thriller that keeps you guessing until the end and is a welcome change from a lot of predictable thrillers.


The Popcorn Junkie