Review – The Company Men

People love to waste money; it makes me want to vomit when I hear that someone spent $20,000 on a watch or $500,000 on a wedding. Greed is one of the worst human traits and it seemed to be the mantra of all the financial executives who triggered the Global Financial Meltdown. Inspired by the after effects of the Global Financial Meltdown ‘The Company Men’ focuses on the lives of three businessmen (Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper & Tommy Lee Jones) who try to find meaning in their lives after the company they work for decides to do some ‘corporate downsizing’. ‘The Company Men’ is a very frustrating film that gives you insight into what happens to the rich when the rug is pulled out from under them, the characters are flat, the story is bland and the cast are underused.

‘The Company Men’ does a great job of luring you in under false pretences. From the outset you get the vibe that you’re going to get a feel good film about the little guys taking on the corporate giants that left them behind. In a nutshell that’s what the film is about but instead of the little guy, it’s the rich overpaid executive who is down on his luck and cries over the fact that he can’t live without his Porche or his golf club membership. The characters are unlikeable and very hard to relate to, the only people who could relate to these characters are Bill Gates and Paris Hilton.

On paper the cast of ‘The Company Men’ is very strong but it fails to come together on screen. Tommy Lee Jones brings some life to an executive with a conscience but spends most of the time just frowning at everything. Ben Affleck and Chris Cooper are just average and Kevin Costner does nothing with a role that is borderline cameo. The one thing this film manages to get right is the frustration of being unemployed, we’ve all been there at some point and felt useless putting ourselves out there time after time only to face rejection.

‘The Company Men’ is a disappointing film made for the filthy rich and is about as enjoyable as finding out a bank executive is getting a Christmas bonus.


The Popcorn Junkie