Review – The Adjustment Bureau

Science fiction writer Philip K. Dick passed away over 29 years ago to the day and since his death Hollywood has turned his work into a mixed bag a films. Now everyone has their favourite interpretations of Dick’s work with my favourites being ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Total Recall’ & ‘Minority Report’; on the other side of the coin are the woeful ‘Paycheck’ & ‘Next’. ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ sits somewhere in the middle coming off as just an average film that gets mixed up between science fiction and romance in a bad way. ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ is based on Phillip K. Dick’s short story ‘The Adjustment Team’ and tells the story of political candidate David Norris (Matt Damon) who meets a ballet dancer Elise and falls in love. Soon after they meet a group of mysterious men in suits work hard to keep the couple apart and David has to fight to keep them together.

The concept of ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ is a good one that raises a lot of questions about fate and chance. I’m a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason and this film certainly sets out of challenge that theory and will get you thinking. The plot starts out strong but slowly becomes silly and a little convoluted as the film drifts between science fiction and romance. The marriage of the two genres doesn’t work with Matt Damon & Emily Blunt trying hard to get some chemistry going but it never really fires.

‘The Adjustment Bureau’ is romance dressed in science fiction clothing that tries hard to be both but it would have been a much better film if they’d just focused on one.


The Popcorn Junkie