Review – Unknown

Is it just me or does Europe get a bad reputation in movies?? Every time I sit down to see a film and it begins with the main characters getting off a plane somewhere in Europe I wonder why they didn’t check the Hollywood Europe travellers guide. Warning: A guy that looks like one of those designers from the Ikea catalogue will try to steal your kidney. Liam Neeson failed to read the guide first time around with ‘Taken’ and now he’s back in Euro-danger with ‘Unknown’. In ‘Unknown’ Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) and his wife Elizabeth (January Jones) arrive in Germany for a conference but their trip is spoiled when Dr. Harris gets in a car accident and awakes from a coma to discover his identity has been stolen and he must fight to get it back. ‘Unknown’ is an average thriller with some good action but it comes off as a shoddy rip off of ‘The Bourne Identity’ with some woeful dialogue and shoddy performances.

I have a LOT of respect for Liam Neeson but when did he become the Charles Bronson of Europe?? For the most part of ‘Unknown’ he runs around just yelling at people while cracking skulls. Over time I can see these kinds of Liam Neeson films being a guilty pleasure but the guy is a lot better than this. January Jones does well as a femme fatal of sorts who could very well be auditioning to be the next Bond girl (Sam Mendes if you’re reading this, yes I will take all the credit) and Diane Kruger fills in sidekick duties. The story starts out as a decent mystery but starts to go off the rails fast with some laugh out loud plot twists.

The one thing this film does well is create some nice tension as well as delivering a nice little car chase scene. The action picks up nicely in the second half of the film and brings it home with a real bang. Speaking of ‘bang’, characters die hard in this film putting Hans Gruber to shame which becomes entertaining as the deaths become more outlandish.

‘Unknown’ is a trashy Euro-danger thriller that has been done so much better in a certain other spy franchise.


The Popcorn Junkie