Review – Tangled

Since Pixar burst onto the scene with the first ‘Toy Story’ Disney have been trying hard to keep up with their own animation division. The major problem has been that Pixar don’t do fairytales so we’ve explored the world of toys, cars and grumpy old men instead. Disney has a fine tradition delivering classic fairytales from their own animation studio and their last effort ‘The Princess and the Frog’ was a nice touch but not enough to leave a mark on audiences. The good news is that ‘Tangled’ brings back the traditional singing and dancing Disney fairytale with enough attitude to give any Pixar film a run for its money.

‘Tangled’ is the story of Rapunzel who at a young age is kidnapped by the evil Mother Gothel for her magical hair that keeps Gothel looking youthful. Rapunzel is raised to think Gothel is her real mother and happily lives in a tower thinking she’s better off safe in the tower, kept hidden from the evils of the world. Rapunzel becomes curious of what’s outside her window and when a young thief Flynn Ryder shows up the adventure begins.

‘Tangled’ is a good looking film using digital animation while still retaining the classic Disney look. The film is enjoyable in 3D not relying on cheap ‘look I’ve got a spear’ tricks and opting for better depth and perception. The action moves along at a nice entertaining pace and all the characters are enjoyable especially Rapunzel, a great strong modern Disney Princess. The dialogue is snappy and the humor is up to a standard of the Pixar films, the big difference is the music. It feels like ages since I sat through a computer generated animated film that had singing in it. The songs are great and the voice talent is outstanding with the filmakers choosing people who could both act and sing rather than just going for a big star.

Overall this film has a LOT of heart and some touching emotional moments that was missing from some of Disney’s previous non-Pixar efforts. In the credits I noticed Pixar head honcho John Lasseter worked as an executive producer on ‘Tangled’ which explains its fresh take on the genre. ‘Tangled’ is a lot of fun, it’s hard not to have a big grin on your face the whole time, if you grew up on Disney fairytales prepare to have major flashbacks.


The Popcorn Junkie